About Mr. & Mrs. Bourbon

The Mr. & Mrs. Bourbon Company was founded by Russ Smith in the heart of the bourbon whiskey community in Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. Smith decided to start the MMBC to honor Kentucky’s past-times & his love for the culture & tradition of Kentucky bourbon & whiskey.

About Mr and Mrs Bourbon Company

MMBC has over 100,000 barrels & counting in Rick Houses stored in the Bourbon Whiskey capital of the world. Like many other prestigious brands that honor Kentucky’s & Tennessee’s pastime greats (EH Taylor, Pappy, George Garvin, Uncle Nearest & Jack Daniels), MMBC wants to create & honor its own living legend in real time. Mr. Russ Smith, who does so much for the Kentucky community, has found a way to bring people together through bourbon whiskey. MMBCs goal is to be around when our founder is no longer here & give the bourbon community & industry high quality premium juice along this journey.

Originally from New York City, Mr. Russ Smith has made Kentucky his home & is known for his high spirited & positive approach towards life & others. In this venture, he’s decided to tie everything he loves into the brand. Our founder was an underdog that found love in basketball, the State of Kentucky, family, friends, nature & being positive. The Mr. & Mrs. Bourbon Company would like to share its founder’s experiences into a positive finishing taste from all of its labels.

Founder of Mr and Mrs Bourbon Russ Smith

The Traditional Kentuckian Premium (Blue Label) is a 90’ proof spirit that has provides consumers with blast of candy corn & butterscotch throughout the pallet & a smooth finish.

The Louisville Legend Premium 110’ proof (Green Label) is spirit that is higher in proof but provides consumers with sweet wheated honey nose & a rich vanilla pallet quenching finish.

The Louisville Legend ALT Premium (Red Label) is a 125’ proof spirit that is cask strength to high Green label. This provides those same notes of sweet wheat honey & vanilla. This spirit packs a punch but sips smooth & is well on a big rock.

The Black Label Premium (Gold Label) Whiskey is a 90.8’ proof 12 & 13 year Cabernet finished whiskey. A mature whiskey that harnesses the thickness of the oak with a soft Kentucky hug & doesn’t bite. This gives Mr. Smith a label that can compete with the industry’s ultimate finishes & he feels he may have with his Black/Gold Label.

Woman Kissing a Bottle of Mr and Mrs Bourbon Whiskey

Mr. Smith’s biggest emphasis was & has always been consistency. In the Mr. & Mrs. Bourbon brand, you will find that the Blue, Green & Red labels have all similar noses & consistent notes that will always reach consumers expectations.

The demand for Mr. Smith’s product is incredibly strong & its important to Mr. Smith that his closest friends, family & supporters can experience his bourbon & whiskey.

While building the foundation & legacy, MMBC has also been working on a new product & mash bills for future release to add along to the company’s first 4 labels. The company is expected to release another bourbon, a Rye & multiple single barrels soon along with aged variations of the Blue, Green, Red & Black labels.