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Rye Oak Tree Label - Green

Rye Oak Tree Label - Green

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A testament to our dedication to shape the world of Rye Whiskey; Green Oak Tree stands alone providing an agreeable and unique taste while still delivering an intriguing finish we know and love from ryes.

Proof: 90

Appearance: Caramelized amber 

Nose: Full-bodied. Sharp notes of rye paired with a subtle pepper finish. Touches of vanilla bean and chocolate syrup with a hint of brown sugar and orange peel.

Taste: Sweetness and spice are harmonious. Rye and white pepper notes provide an easy sipping experience while vanilla, pear, and molasses balance the finish.

Finish: Easily palatable with a rare finish.Also great for cocktails.

Note from our founder: This is a one of a kind rye. Special to say the least. There's no other like it.
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